Service to our customers is our top priority. Our strong relationship with our customers is why we are number one in our business. We will do our very best to provide the highest quality signs and service to you at a very competitive price.



Boom Sign & Lighting uses a combination of highly trained technicians, and years of experience to ensure that our customer’s desires are fulfilled within our results. We excel in a broad range of sign installation types, all the way from the highest interstate signs to the smallest directional signs. However, we are not limited to signs, we also install vinyl and execute any electrical needs. Our in house permit acquisitionist complies with the local codes to ensure that all work is accurately permitted, to pursue a very smooth install process from beginning to completion. The diverse fleet of service vehicles, bucket trucks, and crane trucks equipped with the newest tools to provide the customer with top-notch quality. We look forward to working with you and your team to complete an installation in a timely fashion, and within the budget!    

  • Channel letters
  • Large-scale banners
  • Pylon signs
  • Cabinet signs
  • Parking signs
  • Monument signs
  • Menu boards
  • Site signs
  • Dimensional letters
  • Wall signs
  • Building signs
  • Exterior signs
  • Interior signs
  • Electronic signs

Maintenance & Repair

Well lit signs, and parking lot lights create a since of safeguard for our customers. Boom Sign & Lighting assures that all signs are clean, and functioning 100% within maintenance contracts. We want your customers to correlate your sign with your entity, therefore we make sure their first impression of your signage is positive. Our fleet of vehicles are stocked with all necessary material to complete the job on the first trip.

Scheduled Maintenance

A very cost effective process to ensure that illumination is maintained. Please contact us today to discuss a monthly, quarterly, or custom maintenance contracts, and learn about the benefits you could reap from proactive maintenance.

Our experienced technicans and full stocked service trucks will accommodate all of you repair needs. In a timely manner to your satisfaction.

Keeping your signs clean and dirt free will keep your business shine even more.

Stay on top of potential outages with regular scheduled service. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of proactive maintenance.

Survey & Permitting

Boom Sign’s project managers, and technicians make for a smooth process from start to finish. We execute surveys to obtain imperative information to prepare bids, and to obtain sign/electrical permits. This ensures that Boom Sign is prepared for the installation, and that all permits are pulled accurately in regards to the scope of work. Our in house permit acquisitions are very knowledgeable about local codes, and licensed in any municipality that we work. We will work diligently to provide proper permitting, and complying with your city.


A sign might be the most expensive type of advertisement your company will ever invest in, and Boom Sign is dedicated to making sure that your vision is executed for your brand. Our sign manufactures fuse the customer’s vision, with an artistic design to achieve the desired look the customer is yearning for.

Only the highest quality, and newest technology will be used to produce your sign. Our main motive is manufacturing a sign that fits the desired look, while working with your budget!



For some it may be intimidating to design the sign that will represent your business. The professionals at Boom Sign & Lighting stand beside you through this process to create the ultimate look. Using the customer’s choice of colors, and message we ensure your sign will reflect positive on your business.

Boom Sign has built a customer base by satisfying, and exceeding our client’s expectations. It is a very high priority of our customer’s satisfaction to be fulfilled, and we strive to achieve this.

In this business, we aim to make your signs remain distinguishable amongst your competitors. In order for us to ensure that this is possible, we use the highest level of quality to meet our client’s needs.